Hannah by D

I’m a good mom I think. Sometimes I’m not so sure, because hey, I want to be perfect, but when I have my head based in reality I realize that like most moms, I do my best and that is enough.

Do I crawl around on the floor with my kids at every opportunity or do crafts with them on the weekend? Ha! Do I treat them with loving patience all the time? Nope. Do I feed them only organic, plant-based, health-food? Not once. Do I love them? Absolutely. Are they happy, healthy, energetic boys who love their mama? Yes!

The point is, and this is a hot topic right now, it’s not about being a perfect mom, but a “good enough” mom. Like so many moms I’m really hard on myself, but heck! I work full time, I have a house to take care of and I have interests and hobbies (that get done really late at night!). So I can’t be there for my kids ALL the time. Nor do I have an endless supply of energy at my disposal. But I do what I can with what I have, which really is all we can ask of ourselves. So when I can, I get down on the floor and I take a lot of deep breaths when I feel my patience slipping (sometimes I hold on, sometimes I scream like a banshee). My kids get lots of fruits & veggies and tons of love.

And I try to bring them into my world. So sometimes when the little one is napping I will ask D (he’s 4.5) if he wants to colour with mommy. His eyes light up and he always wisely repeats the key message – “yes, but I have to be very careful with mommy’s markers”. And it’s usually a wonderful, creative time for us (although it takes him FOREVER to pick what he wants to colour and he ALWAYS wants the marker I’m using! Lol). Most importantly it’s time spent together and in our busy lives, that really is the best gift possible.

Here’s a pic of what D coloured last weekend. It’s Hannah, by Hannah Lynn and I think it’s amazing. He’s very talented and that’s not just my mommy bias.

Hannah by D_wm

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.

EBee xox

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