Beautiful Day or Calm before the Storm?

Ever work so hard and fast for several days (and nights) in a row that when it gets quiet your brain and body are still on fast forward but you have nowhere to take that train? Yeah, that. That is where I’m at today. After a crazy week of full speed ahead and adrenaline-pumping PR (that’s what I do) action, I find myself in front of my computer on a Friday morning that is suspiciously quiet. Too quiet…

My fab colleague, Annie – I call her my work wife because we work so close together that we are tied at the hip, and because we’re living parallel lives (both turning 40 this year, both have two boys the same age and both hate melon), and because she’s awesome and I love her – tells me I should just enjoy the downtime since we’ve worked so hard this week. But I just can’t seem to relax and get over the suspicion that this quiet is just the calm before the storm.

So, here I am with all this pent up energy and nowhere to put it. So, methinks, let’s write a post! After this post, I will check my email (oh, look at that, meeting this afternoon… boo!) and if it’s still quiet (please God), I will perhaps do a bit of colouring (don’t tell my boss – hopefully she doesn’t read my blog).

Here’s one I did last weekend when I was in major need of some colour and warmth in my life (winter has been interminably long and cold and spring sooooo slow to arrive).

Her name is Peggy and she is part of the Wee Stamps family. Super cute, no?


Skin: E000, E00, E11, R20

Hair: E35, E57, E49

Dress: V05, V06, V09, B01, B04, B06

Anyhoodles, here’s to taking a break and enjoying the downtime when it comes. God knows it can be rare!

EBee xox

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