Friendship Matters

I am so lucky. Lucky to be surrounded by some awesome women (and men) who I can call friends. People fun enough to laugh with and close enough to cry with. People who call me, text me, show up at my door… when things are tough. People I don’t see nearly often enough, but when I do, it feels like no time has passed. People I’ve known for 20 years, people I’ve known for 6 months, and everything in between. All these friends who make my life richer, warmer and lighter.

They come in the form of neighbours, childhood friends, university sisters, daycare mommies (and daddies), colleagues and former colleagues. They are all beautiful and they are all so important to my happiness.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart – this one’s for you.

EBee xox

Wryn and Emmy – BFF, by Tiddly Inks


Skin: E000, E00, E11, R20

Hair: E50, E53, E43, E57 / E23, E25, E27, E29

Clothes : RV63, RV66, RV69, W5, W7, W9 / BG01, BG05, BG07, BG09, YG21, YG23, YG25

Just Breathe

Life is hard right now and I’m having a difficult time. Not easy to admit, but there it is. You see, over a week ago my dad went into the hospital for something relatively harmless (he broke his arm – painful yes, life threatening, no). But he has been in cardiac intensive care ever since because of newly discovered, relatively serious health problems. Add to this an insane workload, a computer crash and the regular craziness of my life and I think it’s fair to admit that things have gotten stressful.

Not one to take myself too seriously though, I don’t want to feel sorry for myself – these things happen, no foul in admitting it, but I’m trying to keep my sense of humour intact and my priorities straight. Priority 1 – making sure my kids are fed, rested and (relatively) clean. Priority 2 – making sure I see/talk to my dad as much as I can, given that I have two little kids and a full time job. Priority 3 – making sure my mom is ok and not alone. Priority 4 – saying hello to my husband at least once a day. Priority 5 – everything else. Oh yes, and priority 6 (hey, at least it’s on the list) – taking care of me. What does this mean? It means continuing with my yoga practice despite a busier schedule. It means eating lots of fruits and veggies, despite the fact that we’re eating out more because of the craziness going on. It means getting a decent amount of sleep even though there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. It means taking a lot of deep breaths when I’m stressed or upset, which is often when someone you love is sick. It means not beating myself up because I can’t be at the hospital every day and I can’t cook supper every day and I can’t work 60 hours/week, or even 45. It also means not feeling stressed because I haven’t coloured or blogged in about a month. These things happen and when they do some things have to get put on the back burner – even things you love.

But, I know that this is temporary and I know that my dad will be ok, my computer will be fixed and things will go back to normal, whatever that is – well, work will still be crazy, but I like it that way.

Here is an image I coloured a couple of weeks before the proverbial shit hit the fan. Her name is Miss Mirabelle, again by Hannah Lynn. I think she’s the funkiest thing ever and I love how she turned out. She looks strong to me and I think that’s one of the things I’ve learned about myself throughout this crappy situation – I’m resilient and strong and I will get through this, no problem 😉

Miss Mirabelle_wm

Skin: E000, E00, E11, R20, C2, C00

Hair: B12, B14, B16, B18, C2, C5, C7, C9

Cltothes: BV000, BV02, BV04, BV17, V05, V06, V09

Wings: A crapload of colours

EBee xox

I Heart U

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s a cold snowy day here where I live but today is all about love so even if our little toes are cold our hearts are warm.

Valentine’s Day has never really been a big deal for me. No forced romance, roses and fancy restaurants necessary. That being said, for me it is a day to honour love in all its forms and seeing the kids’ faces light up when they give and receive valentines and little chocolates is priceless. And a bit of quiet time with hubby after they’re in bed is nice too.

In order to celebrate heart day with my three favourite men, I’ve decided that tonight pizza is on the menu (mommy doesn’t cook on Fridays) along with Denver pudding and ice cream for dessert (Valentine’s Day would not be complete without chocolate). And maybe I’ll light a couple of candles for added ambiance.

Here’s an image I coloured recently that perfectly sums up those warm fuzzy feelings of love. It’s another one by Hannah Lynn (I’m totally hooked on her stuff these days), called Melinda and Moohoo. Soooo cute!

Melinda & Moohoo_1_wm

Skin: E00, E01, E21, R20, R22

Hair: YR21, Y17, E15, E09

Hat/Owl: E50, E51, E53, E55, W1, W5, Y15, Y17

Have a LOVEly day!

EBee xox

Dare (not) to Compare

I’ve started taking Yoga again and I’m really glad I did. Not only is it a way for me to get some activity into my life but I truly believe in its meditative benefits. A dedicated and consistent Yoga practice can teach us the importance of staying in the present moment, and can take us on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

One of my favourite things about practicing Yoga is that it has a tendency to permeate the rest of my life. For example, it helps me to better manage my stress and clear my mind, it helps me sleep better and it helps me to stay in the here and now. Possibly my favourite benefit though, is the non-competitiveness of the practice. As any good Yoga teacher will remind you, it is not about what your neighbour is doing on his/her mat that is important, your focus should remain on your intention and on your own personal practice. Judgment has no place in yoga and for so many of us women that is a lesson we can take with us to many places in our lives.

Don’t get me wrong – while I’m not totally against a little healthy competition and in fact I feel that it has its place in the world (certain sports, business, games…), I don’t think that it belongs anywhere near our body-image.

Of course I have a reason for this little rant – last night during my Yoga class, in the moments before we began, I overheard three (beautiful) women discussing their bodies and the gripes they had with them. They then began discussing the fact that at least they weren’t as bad as some, and how sometimes going to the beach is good for morale because at least you can see how others are much worse than you.

At first I got angry because I’m not a small girl and tend to get sensitive about these things. And then I felt sad. Sad because these women are not so different from me and sad because this conversation reminded me that we all too often derive our sense of self-worth through our jean size and through how we “stack-up” to other women. And then I remembered how contrary this discourse is to the teachings of Yoga to be non-judgmental, stay in the present and focus on your own practice. So perhaps this conversation had a lesson in it for me. The lesson being that I don’t need to define myself based on how I compare to others or what size is written on my jeans. And that became my intention for last night’s practice – no judgment.

I don’t really have a Yogic image to go with this post, but given my experience I thought it would be fun to post this Hannah Lynn image. I coloured her using some less conventional hair colours and I think she looks awesome. I would never have the courage to go purple and pink myself, but obviously this little character (Hannah) is full of self-confidence and doesn’t give a flying duck what anyone thinks and she rocks it.

Hannah Night_1_wm

Skin: E000, E00, E11, R20

Hair: BV04, BV13, BV17, R05, R06, R09

Top: B01, B05, B07, B09

Eyes/Tail: YG21, YG23, YG25

Namasté and thanks for stopping by.

EBee xox

Hannah by D

I’m a good mom I think. Sometimes I’m not so sure, because hey, I want to be perfect, but when I have my head based in reality I realize that like most moms, I do my best and that is enough.

Do I crawl around on the floor with my kids at every opportunity or do crafts with them on the weekend? Ha! Do I treat them with loving patience all the time? Nope. Do I feed them only organic, plant-based, health-food? Not once. Do I love them? Absolutely. Are they happy, healthy, energetic boys who love their mama? Yes!

The point is, and this is a hot topic right now, it’s not about being a perfect mom, but a “good enough” mom. Like so many moms I’m really hard on myself, but heck! I work full time, I have a house to take care of and I have interests and hobbies (that get done really late at night!). So I can’t be there for my kids ALL the time. Nor do I have an endless supply of energy at my disposal. But I do what I can with what I have, which really is all we can ask of ourselves. So when I can, I get down on the floor and I take a lot of deep breaths when I feel my patience slipping (sometimes I hold on, sometimes I scream like a banshee). My kids get lots of fruits & veggies and tons of love.

And I try to bring them into my world. So sometimes when the little one is napping I will ask D (he’s 4.5) if he wants to colour with mommy. His eyes light up and he always wisely repeats the key message – “yes, but I have to be very careful with mommy’s markers”. And it’s usually a wonderful, creative time for us (although it takes him FOREVER to pick what he wants to colour and he ALWAYS wants the marker I’m using! Lol). Most importantly it’s time spent together and in our busy lives, that really is the best gift possible.

Here’s a pic of what D coloured last weekend. It’s Hannah, by Hannah Lynn and I think it’s amazing. He’s very talented and that’s not just my mommy bias.

Hannah by D_wm

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.

EBee xox

These markers really ARE therapeutic

Hello and Happy Monday! Who am I kidding? Monday sucks. I know, I know, not very happy, but well, sometimes you just have to own the suckiness before you can move on, so here goes – I’m tired, cranky, I need another coffee, I want to go back to bed, Is winter over yet? I would rather be on the beach, etc, etc… Ok, now let’s move on – have I mentioned, Monday sucks?

Can you tell I haven’t coloured in a while? I can. Proof positive that my markers really are therapeutic. Over the past week my evenings have consisted of crashing on my couch with a bowl of (fill in your favourite snack food), and watching hours of mindless television instead of colouring. For some reason (exhaustion from being a single parent all week), I just couldn’t bring myself to get out the markers. But you know what? I probably would have felt more energized and happier had I just kicked myself in the ole butt and done it. And how did I end up feeling? More exhausted and even a little depressed. TV does that to me. Well, lesson learned and not to be repeated.

So in celebration of my newfound insight, here’s a gorgeous image by Tiddly Inks that I coloured late last year. It’s Wryn, Fairy Happy Day – she makes me happy, and inspires me to get back to doing what I love, which is a good thing.

Fairy Happy Day_watermark

Skin: E000, E00, E11, R20

Hair: E43, E44, E47, E49

Dress: BG01, BG05, BG07, BG09

Toadstool: R22, R24, R27, R29, W1, W3, W5

Happy Monday folks! Thanks for stopping by.

EBee xox

Oh Bother!, or OMG husbo is in Germany and I’m alone with the kids all week! Eeeeek!!!

Happy Monday, folks! I hope you had a nice weekend. I spent part of the weekend helping hubby get ready for a week-long trip to Germany (OMG), trying to manage my crazy monkeys and making my way through the mess that is my house.

Which is where this lovely image comes in. Fairy Fae Catches a Star, from Tiddly Inks. Isn’t she beautiful! Colouring her up helped me get back into my happy place Saturday and Sunday evening. I just love how delicate she is and she reminds me that we have to keep reaching for our dreams.

TMI alert! During one of my difficult therapy sessions (yes, I see a therapist – I call her “Doc”), where I was feeling especially sorry for myself, I put the question out there: why do I even bother? What’s the point? (of eating well, exercising…). Doc answered “Because you have to always bother”. So simple, and yet it has stuck with me over the past few weeks whenever I get overwhelmed and feel like giving up (like this week as a single parent), Fairy Fae reminds me that I have to always bother.

Anyhoodles (stole that one from my fab colleague SDS), thanks for stopping by and remember to always bother.

EBee xox

Fairy Fae Catches a Star_watermark

Merry Christmas! Or, Yes, I know Christmas is finished, but I wanted to show off my Christmas cards and I didn’t get around to it before…

I know, I know, what the heck is she talking about? Christmas is finished!

Well, it’s January 10 and I’m back at work, as are many of you, I imagine. This post is to celebrate those of us who have made it through one of the most difficult weeks of the year, if you ask me. It’s the “holidays are finished, I’ve stayed up way too late over the last two weeks, and I have to wait until the summer, or at least my beach vacation to be off work again” week. It’s the week that kicks off what my boss describes as “the armpit of the year”.

Soooo, I thought I would post a few of the Christmas cards I made for my lovely family over the holidays. At least they are cheery. I’m pretty happy with most of them – I even tried my first night scene!

Well, happy return to work week, and keep your chin up! And don’t worry, no more Christmas-themed stuff until at least August.

EBee xox

Moonlight Snowman, From the Heart

Moonlight Snowman_wm

Winter Friends, Wee Stamps

Winter friends card_wm

Minnie’s Christmas Lights, Tiddly Inks

Winnie 2_wm

Molly the Elf, Saturated Canary

Molly the elf_wm

My first blog post, or what have I gotten myself into

Happy 2014 and welcome to my first blog post! It’s exciting and also pretty scary, putting it “out there”, but here I am taking the plunge!

This blog is going to be a work in progress. For now I see it as a way to document my Copic journey. At this point I’m much more into colouring than card-making and I have a limited time budget, so you will probably see a lot of un-mounted coloured images, rather than cards. There may be some cards too from time-to-time as the inspiration strikes.

For my first post, here is a beautiful image by Sara Burrier and I think it’s pretty fitting – it’s called “Dear Diary” and I bought the digital stamp here.

I just love fairies and I love the thoughtful expression on her face. Here I was experimenting with shading and just trying to make interesting colour combinations.

Dear Diary

I coloured her with:

Skin: E000, E00, E11, R20

Hair: E50, E53, E55, E57

Clothing: YR04, YR07, YR09, RV63, RV66, RV69

Toadstools: R32, R35, E37, R39, E42, E43, E44, E47, E49

Thanks for stopping by!

EBee xox