Back to the Grind and a Colouring Class (or two)

Good day peeps! It would appear that I blinked and the summer is almost over! I keep telling myself that I’ll get better at regularly posting but alas, it appears I’m getting worse! I WILL get better, I promise ;-p

So, it’s Wednesday, August 13 and I’ve just come back to work after two wild weeks of vacation. I actually wrote this on Monday, but work has been crazy so I’m only posting now (I really AM trying). This year’s vacation was one of the most fun vacations I can remember (with the exception of that time in Barbados *sigh*), but probably the least relaxing, lol. With two kids under 5, vacations are not terribly relaxing, but boy can they be fun, and chaotic, and loud!

This year our vacation consisted of the zoo, a parade, the beach, picnics, a rib festival, pool parties, park visits, game days, and (thankfully), a bit of time to colour (big smile here). Yep, during my two weeks off, I was spoiled with two afternoons to myself to do with as I pleased, and it pleased me to colour (surprise). During my free time, I was able to colour a few fun images and even enter a colouring challenge! Yippee!

Inspired by the incredibly talented artist, Copic teacher and master, Alyce Keegan from Kit and Clowder, I coloured this fierce image by Saturated Canary, entitled, Pixie Dust Fairy (she was a freebie, yipeeee!).

Pixie Dust Fairy

I have started taking Alyce’s colouring classes over at Kit and Clowder to try and improve my skills and so far I’m very pleased with my progress – she makes it look easy, and after some (a LOT of) practice, I feel like things are starting to come together. I still have a lot to learn, but it’s a process, so I’m in no rush. For me this is all about fun and creativity, so no stress here. If it takes me a gazillion years to “perfect” my skills, so be it! I’m going to have a blast along the way.

Speaking of having a blast, my good friend, Véronique, and I have begun what we affectionately call our weekly “drunk colouring” evenings. We don’t really get drunk (much), but we do have a blast, colouring together, talking and laughing (lots of laughing). Alone time is nice, but I have to say, it’s a lot of fun to practice my hobby with someone else once in a while 🙂

Anyhoodles, during my free time, I also coloured this cutie, which I entered into a fun hair colouring competition at Kit and Clowder – wish me luck! She’s from my new favourite company, The East Wind, and she’s called Aurora, Spring Butterflies.


And now, back to the grind.

Ciao peeps!

EBee xox


Summer is Here! Fairy Sunny Day

Happy summer! Holy moly! I can’t believe how fast this year is going! I remember when I was a kid, it felt like time dragged on sooooo sloooooowlyyyyyyy… it felt like summer vacation, Christmas, my birthday (insert occasion) would NEVER get here! As I’ve gotten older though, time has sped up to the point that now that I have kids, I feel like we’re flying through life at hyper speed! Where’s the break?! Get what I did there? Break/brake? Ahem… crickets… anyhoo…


In spite of the rat race, I’m pretty militant about finding the time to do stuff that keeps me grounded and helps me cope with daily stress. Besides a weekly yoga practice, walking with my neighbourhood peeps, and the occasional (ok, frequent) chocolate fix, colouring helps to calm me and when I do it I feel like time stands still, just for a while. It also brings me back to my childhood, when I would spend hours with my colouring books and crayons doodling the time away.


This is Fairy Sunny Day, by Christy Croll at Tiddly Inks. A gorgeous image, which brought me so much joy to colour. She reminds me of those lazy summer days as a kid, spent out in the sunshine. Hope yours is happy and sunny too!

EBee xox

 Fairy Sunny Day_WM

Skin: E000; E00; E11; E04; R20

Hair: E50; E13; E57; E49

Dress: Y00; Y02; Y13; Y15; Y17; R00; R20; R22; R24; R27; R29

Flower: Y00; Y02; Y13; Y15; Y17; YR23; E23; C00; C03; C05; C07

Sparkle accents: Wink of Stella clear and green